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How to Lose a Custody Case Fast

Consider from TN Mother Shoots Father in Presence of Children and Thereby Hands Father CustodyFlorida Divorce * Child Custody * Domestic Violence Law Lawyer as another example of how people create the facts of a case:

Tennessee Father and Mother are divorced. Father and Mother have two daughters together.

Mother allegedly shoots Father in the leg. In the presence of their two daughters.

If for no other reason, Father wins temporary custody of their two daughters.
Hard to imagine a better example of what is not in the children's best interests.

I was thinking what if mom had a good reason for shooting the father and decided that I ought to see what had happened since the above blog post.  After all, what if mom had a good reason?  In Indiana, this might give an opening for a third party to seek custody.

Google turned up the following:
Nurse Shoots Ex-husband to Exorcise Demons
Her bizarre motive for the shooting was revealed when police uncovered her diary in which she detailed the shooting:
"Terry is filled with three demonic spirits. One is assigned to me, one to each of my children. The purpose is to destroy us. The only way Terry will stop trying to destroy us is if the spirits exit his body today. I will have to create three portals of exit, that way they can leave."

Tina Loher drove her two daughters, ages 5 and 7, to the clinic and left them in the parking lot while she went in and confronted her ex-husband.

Court records show that the Lohers are involved in an ongoing dispute over the children.

 Tina Loher Creates A Portal To Release Ex’s Demons
Driving from Knoxville to Chattanooga with her girls (5 and 7 years old) in the vehicle with her, she allegedly pulled in front of his chiropractic office, left her children in the car and marched on in for a little confrontation. She pulled out a .38 caliber and created the first portal…in his groin. He states she was speaking in tongues. When the gun fired and Dr. Loher was hit, his staff and patient hauled ass as he fought back. He doesn’t exactly know if he knocked her unconscious because as soon as he hit her, he tended to his wound in an attempt to control the bleeding. (and gauging by her mugshot, he got in a pretty solid punch – something he may have been wanting to do for some time)
Employees from a neighboring business pulled the girls inside while police sorted out the crime scene. Per one Prudential employee, the oldest daughter asked, “If my mom has murdered my dad? Is she going to go to jail? Where is she going to go?” A DCS employee stated the 7 year-old knew exactly what was going on and what her mother intended to do. The grand protector of her children discussed her elaborate demon ridding plans to those two young girls. I truly believe in sharing realistic things with children but I also tend to believe that material should be age appropriate. I’m not confident the discussion of blowing portals in their father via a .38 caliber weapon is age appropriate but children grow up so fast these days.
Dr. Loher underwent surgery to repair the damage caused by the gun blast and was able to make a teary appearance when his ex-wife was due in court. Putting forth the assertion that his ex was tenacious by nature, he feared that spirit would over-ride what ever logic she may possess and she’d set out to finish the job. With this information, the judge must have concurred and he increased her bail from $140,000 to $600,000 and she has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and two counts of reckless endangerment.

ONLY ON 3: Signal Mtn. Shooting Victim Talks to Eyewitness News has some background but not much meat.

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