Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updating Online Resource: Co-Parenting

dadshouse requested that I change this post to change the original linkage.

Thanks to New Hampshire Family Law Blog for the heads up on the blog Dad’s House.  Those without custody of their children ought to check out this blog - and so should custodial parents.

Also some thoughts about co-parenting from The Smart Divorce® Weblog:

Sending Love, My “Different-Functional” Family

Also, here’s an article which appeared on the Maria Shriver’s First Lady of California, Women’s Conference website:

Children need to be provided with the understanding that, although their parents live in two separate homes, they are still a family. While the family might have some differences than one with both parents living together, this family is still the same in many ways – they are loved by both parents, they play and have fun like all children, and these children feel good about themselves – all very important messages.

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