Thursday, October 29, 2009

Indiana Parenting Time: Taking the Child Out of State

What does a parent need to do when taking the child out of Indiana for vacation?  The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines state that it does not matter whether the custodial or non-custodial parent takes the child out of state: 

5.  Emergency Notification.  For emergency notification purposes, whenever a child travels out of the area with either parent, one of the following shall be provided to the other parent: An itinerary of travel dates, destinations, and places where the child or the traveling parent can be reached, or the name and telephone number of an available third person who knows where the child or parent may be located.

The parent taking the child out of state does not need the permission of the other parent.  Certainly no notarized permission from the other parent is necessary.  Nor can the other parent just refuse the other parent taking the child out of state - thinking like this may signal confusion with relocation.  (See my archive of articles on relocation; link to the right of screen and down).

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