Monday, November 16, 2009

Both Parents and Child Move Out State - What about Child Support

What happens when neither parent or the child now live in Indiana but there is a child support order? Unless the parents do nothing, they will have to come back to Indiana.  That can be expensive whether for enforcement or for modification.

Better that the custodial parent have the case transferred to the child's home state.  However, this may be impossible unless the new state can get jurisdiction over the other parent.

Remember that that the reverse also applies if you are moving to Indiana from another state.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for the NCP to have the child support order transferred or does it always follow the CP/child state of residence? My ex-wife no longer lives in Indiana but frauds the state for food stamps while living in Kentucky and(according to her sister) is collecting welfare in KY and reported to them she doesn't know who the father is. I pay support to Indiana. I no longer live in Indiana either and was entertaining thoughts of trying to move the case to my home state. Have you ever heard of the courts granting change of venue to the NCP?

Sam Hasler said...

Anonymous, if you have read the disclaimer then you know that I cannot answer specific legal questions.

If you read this article closely, you will see that the problem is not Indiana but the new state having jurisdiction over the NCP.