Monday, November 2, 2009

Commentary on My Paranoia and Divorce Post

I want to thank Steve Ballard over at Massachusetts Divorce Family Law Blog for commenting on my Paranoia and Divorce post. His Is Family Law a Masterful Scam? A Criminal Enterprise? goes in a direction that deserves wider notice:

While there are very real biases and vested interests, family law is not a masterful scam or a criminal enterprise. People who are divorcing and fighting each other need to take responsibility for their own mistakes rather than simply blaming their lawyers and the system, and subscribing to inane, ridiculous conspiracy theories about lawyers and judges who are supposedly getting rich at their clients' expense.

Those who are in the legal system -especially including those within the most profitable, big law firms, firms which in fact do not even have family law sections, even as loss leaders, because they would be insufficiently lucrative -find comments such as yours to be laughable.

It's sad many people are so bitter that they actually believe this kind of conspiratorial crap. Many hate lawyers and judges so much that they can't even think straight, or examine basic facts.

One of those facts is that there are many very good people who work as divorce and family law practitioners and judges. Most of them in fact work very hard in a very difficult profession, dealing with very difficult people in contentious cases, and many of them also perform important pro bono work and public service in their communities, while generally earning modest incomes relative to others in the legal profession.

Change the law, improve the system, yes. But in your own individual cases, you should always take a good hard look in the mirror before assessing blame for problems in your own home.
Those thinking the system is biased against them personally need to read that last paragraph several times. 


Cory Aidenman said...

Well worth the read, it’s inspirational.

Dilia. said...

Hi! I am a lawyer dedicated to Family Law in the Dominican Republic and this comment applies here too. I'm going to print it and stick it to my wall. Thanks! I really enjoy your blog.