Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Divorce Related Site - Property Issues

While plenty of sites exist dealing with issues of parenting and divorce, I never found another a site that deals with property issues until I learned of  Hartman Inventory, LLC

Hartman Inventory, LLC™ secures your material assets by providing documentation for small to medium sized businesses, homeowners and renters. Hartman Inventory understands that you work hard to live the American Dream. We help you remember and prove ownership of your possessions so you can properly recover from disasters and other unforeseen circumstances. Having an insurance policy isn’t enough. Disaster victims are usually required to provide a list of items they are claiming for replacement, including price paid and date purchased.
If you were asked to write down all your belongings without looking around your property, would you remember everything?
Can you afford to lose thousands of dollars worth of contents in your home or business?
The Hartmans have developed a successful inventory method that provides detailed documentation of all that you own. The itemized list and photographs of each room and its contents simplify the process of filling out insurance forms, so you can focus on restoring your life and belongings. Hartman Inventory not only helps maximize your insurance claim reimbursement, but also reduces the emotional stress associated with a disaster.
In addition to disasters, an inventory provides documentation needed for:

* Ensuring you have proper insurance coverage
* Loss or damage in moving or storage
* Estate planning and settlement
* Divorce and pre-nuptial agreements
* A thorough list of all business assets, rather than just those on a depreciation schedule
* Sale or purchase of a business

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Hartman Inventory said...

Thanks for including us in your blog post. I'm pleased to know that we are able to be a resource for your readers.