Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Add Fayette County to the counties requiring a seminar for parents going through a divorce. For the brochure on this program see The Children Cope with Divorce Seminar Brochure.

For those of us in Madison County, notice that Fayette County does not want the children to attend.


A.        Attendance at Class. Before final hearing is scheduled on a petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Petition for Legal Separation in which the parties have minor children of the marriage, each party must attend not less than one session on Helping Children Cope With Divorce.
B.         Location of Class. The sessions will be conducted by Behavioral Health Care Associates, 800 South 8th Street, Richmond, Indiana, 47375, and will be held at their facility.
C. Contact. Each party to the proceeding shall call Behavioral Health Care Associates at 765­983-8079 or 765-983-8085 within twenty days from the filing of the petition for the purpose of registering for the program. Each party shall provide Behavioral Heath Care Associates with the cause number of the proceeding when they place the call or by bringing it with them to the session.
D.        Certificate. The moderator of each session will provide each attendee with a certificate of attendance, which must be filed with the Court’s Clerk prior to the Court’s granting the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Petition for Legal Separation.
E.         Payment. Each party is responsible for payment to Behavioral Health Care Associates of the $30.00 cost of that party’s participation. Allowances for waiver of fee will be given upon a good-faith showing of indigence.
F. Children Not to Attend. Participants may not bring children to these sessions.
G. Make-Up Session. Make up sessions will be scheduled at dates and times to be by Behavioral Health Care Associates to accommodate those individuals who haveirreconcilable conflicts with the Wednesday meeting dates.
H.        Waiver. In those limited circumstances where it is clearly apparent that a party’s compliance with this rule cannot be compelled, upon written motion, the Court may grant a waiver of its application.
I.          Clerk to Provide Copies. The Clerk is directed to provide a copy of this rule to all petitioners or their attorneys at the time of filing of any Dissolution of Marriage Petition or Petition for Legal Separation if the parties have minor children, and attach a copy of this rule to such Petitions to be served with Summons.
J. Praecipe for Failure to Attend. If one party has failed to attend the class as required, the complying party may file a Praecipe with the Court requesting that the Court enter an Order requiring the opposing party to attend the class by a date certain or be subject to contempt of court.


David hogard said...

There are so much of good reasons for which many law firms are limiting their law practices to collaborative divorce. It is been indicated by many cases that collaborative laws generally ends up with a good result when it is compared to others. Collaborative divorce can be a multipart experience requiring recommendation and guidance from various perspectives if it is to be navigated soundly. But all this complexity is worth an effort because it prepares you to deal with the emotional challenges and changes reflected by divorce and offer the resources that can best assist you create a healthy changeover from marital to single life.

Sam Hasler said...

Even if the comment has nothing to do with the original article, I got to agree with the sense of it overall.