Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Financial Declarations: Madison County, Indiana

For those wanting a copy of the Madison County Financial Declaration can go here.

 As for our Local Rule governing Financial Declarations, it follows.  It might be worth comparing this to the Fayette County Local Rule that I wrote about in Fayette County Local Rules: FINANCIAL DECLARATION FORM.

Truthfully, I think all of us miss a few points on applying the rule such as attaching the pay stubs) but they are generally admitted without them.

Financial Declarations on forms adopted by the Court and Indiana Child Support worksheets shall be completed in full, dated and filed prior to trial in all contested matters involvingchild support or disposition of assets. Financial Declarations, with current pay stub attached,shall be filed with the Court two (2) days before any preliminary or final hearing. Child support worksheets shall be filed with the Court on the hearing date. Absent objection, the financial eclaration shall be considered as received in evidence subject to cross-examination. Direct examination on matters in the financial declaration shall be confined to unusual items or factorsrequiring explanation or correction.

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