Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Noting Some Blog Posts

Just noting some interesting posts that I wish I had more time to comment on but I think worth reading.

Children & divorce: where do we go from here? By guest bloggers Stephen Hopwood & Andrea Essen. from Marylin Stowe's blog has this:

Well, the unpalatable truth remains that although the Children Act is the best fix for a difficult situation, it will never be as effective as an agreement made by parents who work together for their children. What is more, a recent survey of 4,000 parents and children makes for grim reading. Seventy per cent of parents quizzed cited the child’s welfare as the main priority during separation. However:
  • Nineteen per cent of children reported that they felt used, 38 per cent felt isolated and 37 per cent felt alone.
  • For 38 per cent of children, the separation meant they never saw their fathers again.
  • Many admitted that they had turned to drink and drugs, played truant from school or self harmed.
  • Fifty per cent of parents admitted putting their children through an intrusive court process to ascertain access issues and living arrangements.
  • Twenty-five per cent of parents surveyed believe that their child was so traumatised by the separation that they self harmed or contemplated suicide.
  • Twenty per cent of separated parents admitted that they actively set out to make their partners experience “as unpleasant as possible”, regardless of the effect this had on their children’s feelings.
Woudl that we could have a study like this in Indiana.

Family Law Prof Blog has Georgia Clarifies that Disclosure of Financial Information Is Required for an Enforceable Premarital Agreement.  I cannot imagine any reason for this not to be considered the best practice for Indiana (even if Georgia law itself has no application here).

Also from Family Law Prof Blog are A Divorce Fair? and The Recession's Impact on Child Support.

And I will close with Domestic Diversion's The kids are alright: How children of same-sex couples are doing

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