Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taking credit cards, payments is news?

Struggling South Florida Divorce Lawyers Offer Discounts, Accept Credit Cards came to me earlier this week from The ABA Journal. I cannot remember when I did not take payments - or of any lawyers in my area who did not do likewise.  I have been taking credit/debit cards since last year.  (Yes, there are some who will not or do not take credit cards but I put that down to the cost to the lawyer of providing this service). 

Life differs greatly between south Florida and central Indiana:
The story says lawyers are trying to lure clients with these options:

• Pacheco Perez Ortiz in Miami charges sliding-scale fees, and offers a payment plan: pay half now, and pay half later.

• Aventura attorney Charlotte Karlan offers 20 percent discounts for the military, and case-by-case discounts for others. “This is the worst I've ever seen business,'' she says. She has practiced for 25 years.
I am considering changing my published fees to make my positions on divorce and child support/visitation fees.  Especially since I have begun to offer unbundled fees.

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