Thursday, December 3, 2009

Follow up on If You Could Change the Delivery of Legal Services

Cheryl LeValley commented on If You Could Change the Delivery of Legal Services over on Facebook:

"Read the article on your blog and must say that those are great questions. I think doing business as suggested for future regarding technology in this field will be a boost to a trust factor between client and lawyer. I think some clients feel a sense of being at lawyers mercy for moving forward in their life. It has been my experience as a client that I want to do the right thing but lawyers are not willing or it is beyond their scope of services (traditionally) to provide the answers to what seems to be simple questions centered on emotinal issues perhaps. While I understand that is not potentially a lawyers job clients see the need to have these questions answered because they do not want to make the same mistake or make things worse. So, providing additional information in some way is beneficial in building long term relationships and having those clients make referrals. People also like to convenience and yet whiloe additional information is being presented I am not certain they would be willing to pay extra for it not in our economy now or in the future. things are changing. A challenge perhaps would be to provide out lines or suggestions of common things that clients seem to experience and provide an outline of action for clients to take... Thus providing accountability and responsibility and creating community between the two parties. Just thoughts."
Ms LeValley made me think that it might be of some use if we could connect clients with those who have the ability to provide the emotional answers she mentions above. I do not think those are quite what Professor Susskind wrote about, but I doubt he had family law as his primary focus. One thing I did not anticipate when I started this blog was it use as a preventive law tool.

I agree that information cannot be sold. See my comment to If You Could Change the Delivery of Legal Services where I make some blunt statements on the difference between raw information and its uses.

I am chewing on the outline idea. Anyone wanting to chime in here would be welcome.

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