Friday, December 18, 2009

Hiring A Family Law Attorney and The Art of War 2

Finishing what I started yesterday with Hiring A Family Law Attorney and The Art of War 1.

I want to point out what others have written quite well about on this subject. New Jersey Divorce & Family Law's In Family Law Representation, You Get What You Pay For… lead me to family law - family attorneys from

The bottom line is the fairness that so often escapes a family law case that is mishandled, at least by one of the sides, due to a lack of proper representation. Of course you want to be fair, and you like to think that the fairness factor will guide the process. But that is not always the case, especially when there is anger involved.

Experts suggest that if your relationship looks as though it is coming apart and you're considering divorce, the best couple of hundred bucks you'll ever spend is by sitting down with a reputable family law firm for a consultation. In an hour, their family attorneys can give you a pretty good idea of what you might be in for, what the dynamic, the payout and the cost, the likely custody arrangement, and in a nutshell what kind of life you're going to have at the end of it all. It may not be pretty, and after hearing the hard facts you might think twice about dissolving your relationship, and try to patch it up instead.

However if you feel you have to proceed, or you have an inkling that your spouse is—and it isn't possible to work it out amicably, then for heaven's sake get yourself a lawyer, and get a good one.
California Divorce and Family Law's has Picking the right divorce lawyer can help make the split less painful ten items to look for in a divorce lawyer, and what I would call an overarching theme:
Having the right attorney can alleviate some of the emotional sting and reduce some of the stress which are integral parts of the divorce process. Conversely, having the wrong kind of legal representation, can make an already painful experience significantly worse for you and for your loved ones.
Mississippi Family Law Mediation and Counseling Blog's Before you hire an attorney --- What you need to know has a similar list. About getting the most out of your lawyer, give my Following up on How to Hire the Right Divorce Attorney a read.

It is my goal that I handle every case in as professional manner as possible. I think that means counseling and fighting are not mutually incompatible in representing my client's best interests. I think Family Lawyer – Choosing a Competent Family Lawyer! from Northeastern Law expands on this point very well:
Since cases of child custody are very sensitive, you must be vigilant to choose an experienced and competent child custody lawyer. A good lawyer who can handle the issue carefully and also be able to negotiate skillfully should be your priority. If your case is straight, you can get look for a family lawyer who would charge a low fee but if your case is complicated and requires intricate planning and strong presentation make sure you choose a well-known and experienced lawyer
Know your goals, communicate those goals to your lawyer, and understand why not all goals are achievable. (Getting the other side's head on a pike may be a goal but not an achievable one.) Then decide if there is a good fit between you and the lawyer's strategy.

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