Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Parenting Time - An Online Help For Parents

A bit of catching up here on publishing with Online service helps divorced parents keep children's schedules straight from The The Indianapolis Star.  This sounds as it might be useful - even if it is not apparently approved by our Indiana courts.  I have fewer clients online, so I would not want it mandated for use.  Does anyone not think this could not be a help?

After the addition of Volker's kids, scheduling conflicts escalated -- until one night in 2001 when he had an idea. What if the couple could put their schedule online and make it visible to the other parents?

"I had kind of an epiphany," Volker says. "What if I could get everything on the Internet, and we would only have to see the information that was available, for the sake of the kids?"

That's how began.

The site, which went live in 2001, allows parents to input their schedules, coordinate days and swap visitation days.

The Web site is court-ordered in 35 states, because the records on the site are time- and date- stamped, and communications are backed up by an electronic breadcrumb trail. Expenses can be logged, and there's even a journal on the site.

The Volkers, along with company president and CEO Jainarain Kissoon, also hope to add a section for child-support payment records.

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