Friday, December 4, 2009

A Quick One Before I am Away - How Not to Behave in Court

Having spent most of yesterday in court or on the way to court, I am in a fitful mood today.  Telephone calls stacked up, documents need drafting and I am still thinking about what happened in Marion County's Paternity Court.  On the other hand, I just had  to make an allusion to the The Who and provide a musical accompaniment (usually a sign of a need for some humor in all this craziness called life). 

Quick overview:  trying to get a support amount set for my client, the dad who has custody of his daughter, fro0m mom who might be politely described as a harpy.

How not to be behave:  talk sharply to the judge, do not answer the judge's question but just keep talking, and when asked by counsel (me) where she is working that I can talk to her lawyer.  She has no lawyer.  Rather vague about finding one.

So the opposing party thoroughly annoyed the judge, increased the cost of the case (now discovery must be done), and we have another date set in March.  Such is life as a family law attorney.

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