Sunday, December 6, 2009

Surprising News (Not) About Recession and Divorce Rates

We have heard this enough already but published No job? Less money? Divorce is off the budget

In total, 57 per cent of the attorneys noted fewer divorce filings since the last quarter of 2008. Only 14 per cent noted an increase in filings during these difficult times.

“The current economic climate is proving to be far more unforgiving than estranged couples seeking a divorce,” said Gary Nickelson, president of the AAML, in a statement.

“Forced to weigh damaged marriages against tight budgets and uncertain financial outlooks, many spouses seem more willing to try and wait out the recessionary storm.”

Family Law Prof has Delaying Divorce During Recession which is along the same lines.

The recession has had its effects on how others are providing their legal services (see my posts here and here).  Which makes me wonder if Indiana lawyers have not had their own recession for the past two decades.

The recession has me considering alternatives to divorce such as legal separation.  What does not make sense from a legal perspective makes sense from a financial standpoint.

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