Saturday, December 26, 2009

Throwing a Divorce Party

Let us just say that my Midwest conservatism leaves me a bit ambivalent about this post. I keep thinking I have mentioned this trend before but cannot find the post (if there was one). I can see the sense of a divorce party (and I suspect there have been many more long before the British made it popular but probably lacking the bonfire). Why it is here? Because this touches on a divorce issue that is emotional and that lawyers just do not handle well. So here goes:

4. Create a bonfire. There are bound to be one or two items you want to burn like the dress or his necktie from the big day, or pictures of the honeymoon, or whatever.


6. Don’t forget to show appreciation to all the people who stood by you during the tough time.


8. Make sure it is cathartic, don’t hold in or back. The point of it is to mark the end of the “nightmare.

And maybe get a cake, Hilarious Divorce Cakes. I do notice that these seem pitched to females.

Along similar lines - They Took Half. Which bills itself as the first registry for the newly single. Thanks to Judith Middleton and her THEY TOOK HALF for leading me to this.

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