Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Is a Divorce/Custody Coach?

Reading Is Your Divorce Driving You Crazy? from Galbraith Family Law Blog pointed out I do not know of anyone offering divorce coach services in Indiana. There might be an opening for the entrepreneurial minded here as Mr. Galbraith makes a great point that needs to be made more known to clients:

Lawyers are not trained to help you work through the emotional journey. We want you to get the support you need so you can get through the emotional journey more quickly and efficiently.
Since I really know nothing about divorce coaches, I thought I might as well list those whose sites I run across:
  1. Pamela Wynn (also on Twitter)
  2. 101 Co-parenting (also on Twitter)
  3. We Parent (also on Twitter)
  5. Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates (who is located in Boone County, Indiana).
Not exactly sure if a life coach qualifies but look over Find your life purpose after divorce with Beverlee Garb (has the benefit of being local).


    Brian Galbraith said...

    Divorce Coaches DC have special training on how to help clients to work through the stages of divorce, how to communicate with their ex spouse, put their marriage behind them and survive the transition. They are trained as therapists but also have special training to do the divorce coaching because a DC is very focused on helping the client get through the transition of the divorce. It is not traditional therapy but rather more focused on short term help. In some jurisdictions, each client has their own DC whereas in other areas a single DC works with both parties. A good article is found on my website which is The article is found at

    We find that clients who work with a DC spend less money on legal fees because they get the help they need to deal with the emotional journey of divorce.

    I hope this helps.
    Brian Galbraith

    Sam Hasler said...

    Thanks, Brian. I hope I did not mangle your original post too badly. I have not met one in my area during the past 22 years of practice.

    I do notice that I have discrepancy between drafting and publishing: Notice that there is a divorce coach in Boone County. I know more of Mr. Showalter for his advocacy for father's rights and did not think to correct the first sentence.

    stuart showalter said...

    Sam-Thank you for the mention. As Brian says people who use a coach spend less overall. I believe that everyone should have some type of emotional support when going through divorce. It can be a professional coach or a family member/friend who has had a similar experience. Someone to be supportive and also reel in those irrational ideas that don't help the process.
    We try to be, at a minimum, people who someone can just unload on; a sympathetic ear.
    Some like to go at it alone but I prefer to work with an attorney. It's a tough sell to get people to understand that spending money on a coach is saving money.