Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Other Indiana Family Law Blogs Are Saying

I have been writing about many things the past few months and been writing about others are writing elsewhere but realized this past week that I have not truly noted what other Indiana family law blogs are writing about. I think all of us have a slightly different slant (I sometime call my cantankerously pedantic)  That is my mea culpa and here is what I have for you.

William Wilson of South Bend, Indiana writes Indiana Family Law.  He may have even started his blog before me and is consistent on his emphasis on collaborative family law.  Here reminded us back in October that the new child support guidelines take effect next month - Indiana Child Support Guidelines changing.  Here are some other posts very much worth reading:

Ryan Cassman publishes All Things Family Law - Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog and practices with Hollingsworth & Zivitz, P.C..  He has been kind enough to point out some things on here but I still like him and his blog!  Well, enough to keep a close eye on what he is doing.  Here are some of the posts I have not noted and like:
Down in New Albany, the firm  Waters Tyler Scott Hofmann & Doane, LLC publish DIVORCE LAW INDIANA.

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