Sunday, January 10, 2010

E-Marriage - Coming Trend published MSU law profs say e-marriages expand couple's rights raises all kind of issues about citizenship and federalism to make me categorize this as a pipe-dream but maybe not.

A Boston couple wanting to wed under Louisiana's covenant marriage law, or two New Orleans women seeking to wed in Massachusetts should be able to do so without leaving home, two law professors say.

Michigan State University's Adam Candeub and Mae Kuykendall have started the Legal E-Marriage Project, a clearinghouse for legislative proposals to establish "e-marriages."

"According to the team, the proposal refutes suggestions the state should get out of the marriage business and has the potential to alter the landscape of marriage culture wars," Michigan State law school spokeswoman Katie Gallagher wrote on the school's Web site.

Candeub and Kuykendall said states should let couples marry under the laws of whatever place they chose.
File this as one my less practical posts.

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