Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Towards a Successful Relationship

Self Growth Engine has How Little Things Become a Big Problem. I can say from my own experiences find the following very accurate:

Everyone has quirks and characteristics that may be annoying to others, especially when you are spending a lot of time together. The dirty socks on the floor, feet on the couch, dirty dishes in the sink, a unique laugh…When you first start dating someone, these characteristics are not as apparent and may not be an issue. But as time ticks on, these once excusable traits become an issue. However, it is not the trait itself that causes the problem; it is the meaning that we attach to the action. The top 10 complaints that people who are dating have are thinking an act is deliberate, messiness, feeling unloved, feeling unappreciated, feeling controlled, not feeling intimate, flirting, personality conflict, lack of fairness, and feeling criticized. All of the above problems are caused by a common factor; our perceptions and the meaning we attach to others actions. In order to have a successful relationship we must learn to look at other peoples actions in a productive way instead of a destructive pattern.
Give all the article a read.

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