Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dallas Court Goes Paperless - Hello, Indiana?

I do not often post on criminal matters but DFW Texas News on Twitter's Dallas County criminal court records go paperless caught my eye.

The federal courts have been doing this for several years now. I will admit to some gripes about that system but people this will come to pass some day.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Michelle O'Neil said...

Hey, Sam. The Dallas Family Courts have been testing the paperless route for about a year. IMO it is an abject failure! Frequently we (lawyers) arrive in court to find that the judge doesn't have a clue what's set and can't find the pleadings online. We have taken to preparing judges notebooks with relevant pleadings for that reason. This causes our client to spend additional funds and wastes paper resources that end up getting tossed in the trash.

Sam Hasler said...

Now that is the best chuckle I have had for a while. Why am I not surprised at this news?

I think most of the judges in my area - with one notable exception - can handle a computer.

I am wondering who in Dallas designed the system - technicians or lawyers or techies and lawyers?