Thursday, February 4, 2010

General Assembly Looking to Change Child Support Statutes

The Indiana General Assembly digests the Bill this way:

Various child support matters. Requires persons who own or operate a river boat licensed as a gambling operation or a horse racetrack licensed for gambling games to: (1) withhold cash winnings of obligors for amounts the obligors are delinquent in child support; and (2) deduct and retain an administrative fee in relation to withholding the obligor's delinquent child support. Requires the: (1) gaming commission to place on probationary status, suspend, and deny licenses for gambling games at horse racetracks; and (2) the alcohol and tobacco commission to place on probationary status, suspend, and deny employee's permits; of certain obligors who are delinquent in child support. Provides that a person whose driving license is suspended because of delinquent child support is not required to pay a reinstatement fee to have the person's driving license reinstated. Provides that the child support bureau (bureau) and certain contractors of the bureau may be granted access to information in certain state systems and in certain records of state agencies and other entities, subject to policies adopted to prevent disclosure of certain law enforcement information. Requires a court to immediately withhold income under a child support order established in any proceeding. Provides that a recipient or applicant of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program who refuses to cooperate in: (1) a paternity action; or (2) the establishment or enforcement of a child support order; is subject to sanctions or revocation or suspension of assistance. Requires a guardian or custodian of a child to generally cooperate with the bureau and certain other agencies regarding certain paternity and child support matters. Requires a custodial parent and noncustodial parent to provide certain information to the clerk of the court. Provides that a court may consider a child emancipated if the child is on active duty in the United States armed forces. (Current law provides that a court may consider a child emancipated if the child has joined the United States armed forces). Provides that the income withholding provisions apply to any proceeding in which child support is established. Requires an employer to transfer the National Medical Support Notice to the employer's health insurance plan within 20 days after the date of the National Medical Support Notice. Requires an income withholding order form to contain certain information. Provides that an income payor may not distribute income in a manner that would result in one of the current child support obligations not being honored. Provides that an income payor is not required to vary the income payor's normal pay and distribution cycles in order to comply with the income withholding provisions. Requires that a court or administrative agency deem due process met if certain requirements have been met. Provides that various persons are immune from civil and criminal liability for certain acts or for failures to act. Prohibits a person from disclaiming an interest in property up to the extent of the person's child support arrearage. Prohibits a court from considering a parent's absence or relocation due to active military duty as a factor in determining custody or permanently modifying a child custody order. Makes a technical correction.

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