Monday, February 8, 2010

So You Want to Be Your Own Lawyer

Read Re N: How not to write a skeleton from Family Lore. Short post with John Bolch providing a commentary that ought to clarify how to write something going before a judge.

Yes, it is English but that makes no difference at all. The legal system is a formal system - regardless of all the Judge Judys on television - there are rules to follow. Some are written and some are not -I would call the rule violated in the Family Lore post as an unwritten one but inherent in any formal setting.

Yes, we lawyers do relax a bit but even then it is within the framework of a system. We know where to tread and how to tread to avoid the bombs. After all, that is one of the multitude of things we do for our clients.


Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates said...

I see these types of rants very often when someone wants rescued from their self-dug pit. There is a way to call a judge out when a wrong is perceived. It's called citing case law.
Another big problem I see in pro se cases is ex parte communications with the judge. "Respondent is again admonished to submit a motion to the court to be heard and serve a copy on the attorney for Petitioner"
- Stu

Sam Hasler said...

But do they then get angrier when you point out how they shot themselves in the foot? I wish I could convince people that when I write "Get a lawyer" it is not mere monetary self-interest at work. It really is not fun telling someone that they have screwed up so bad that nothing I can do will fix the problem.