Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts on Legal Separation

I suggest my articles here on Indiana's legal separation law, but I think Ending or Renewing a Marriage with a Separation from Divorce Attorney's Office hits on a point I have not covered - the strategy of legal separation.

When deciding upon a separation, both partners should decide what the separation in the marriage will accomplish. If there are issues such as money problems or issues of fidelity, both partners need to decide what they will do during the separation to fix the problems that are affecting the relationship to prevent a divorce . Reconcilation after a separation is only possible if both spouses are willing to do the necessary work to fix the marriage. There are a number of people that view a separation as a period where the marriage can be mended or as a period where other personal relationships can be explored. A problem develops when both spouses are not on the same page about the purpose of the separation and this is something that needs to be discussed prior to the beginning of the separation.
It may be the scarcity of legal separation filings comes from the parties realizing that the marriage cannot be saved.

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