Thursday, March 11, 2010

Military Service, Jurisdiction and A New Case from The Court of Appeals

Having discussed jurisdiction and service in Got to Have Service on the Other Side and More on Got to Have Service on the Other Side, let me bring up a recent Indiana Court of Appeals case In re: the marriage of Anthony J. Harris v. Teasha J. Harris. Thanks to a lack of personal jurisdiction, the case had to start over.

And before anyone gets overly excited, the case turns on the fact that the husband was on active military duty in Germany and wife failed to comply with the Solider and Sailor's Relief Act and so will not translate easily to a wide range of cases.

The case does bear reading for military service issues. I seem to be having an increase of cases involving service members and the case serves as a good reminder that a different set of rules apply to active duty members of the Armed Services.

The Indiana Lawyer noted the case here: Trial court didn t have personal jurisdiction over serviceman.

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