Saturday, March 6, 2010

Remaining Family Law Legislation for This Year's General Assembly

I culled the following list from The Indiana Lawyer Capitol Watch newsletter of the remaining legislation pending in this year's General Assembly. I have not had time to double check the list or what changes exist from earlier stages of the legislative process. But I am providing links to the Bills so that you cna check them out.

Family Law
SB 140 - Various adoption matters including prohibiting a man who is barred from establishing paternity under the adoption statutes from establishing paternity by filing an action as a next friend of the child or requesting a prosecuting attorney to file a paternity action. Status: Ready for enrollment

SB 163 - Requires persons who own or operate a river boat licensed as a gambling operation or a horse racetrack licensed for gambling to withhold cash winnings of obligors for amounts they are delinquent in child support and deduct and retain an administrative fee in relation to withholding the obligor's delinquent child support. Makes other provisions. Status: Ready for enrollment

SB 178 - Provides that if a paternity affidavit is executed, the mother has primary physical custody of the child. Requires an action to establish custody or parenting time of a party who has agreed to share joint legal custody on a paternity affidavit be tried de novo. Status: Ready for enrollment

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Stuart Showalter said...

I am pleased to report that SB140 was passed unanimously but without my amendment that would allow the father to object through the filing of a paternity action in the same court. SB178 passed unanimously with all the language that Robert Monday and I wanted in there. SB163 received unanimous concurrence in the Senate.