Friday, March 30, 2007

Suggestions on how to handle the news of filing for divorce

I admit freely that I am probably more at sea dealing with the personal issues of a divorce. I suspect more than a few attorneys feel the same way. Seldom do I have a client setting across from me until after the decision has been made to file by one or the other spouse. Thinking over my cases of the past few years, I seem to be doing more respondent's work than petitioner's work. The choice has been made and the client has already made decisions how to personally handle the divorce. Still, I do feel a weakness in how I deal with these issues.

Recognizing a problem in dealing with the personal aspect of divorces leads me to be very interested information and articles on how clients cope with their divorces. The California Divorce and Family Law Blog has a very long post titled What to say when love goes wrong: Stay united telling the kids, but restrict news to others. I read it all this morning and suggest that if you are thinking of a divorce that you also read it. It is that good.

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