Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grandparent visitation case

I have not had time to read the case but the Indiana Lawyer Daily reported a new Court of Appeals on grandparent's visitation. The report makes the case seem far from ordinary:

Grandmother Maxine Handshoe is appealing the Steuben Circuit ruling that terminated her visitation privileges with her biological grandson, J.E.M, who was born out of wedlock in 2001 to her daughter, Ridgway. The grandmother had guardianship until April 2005, when Ridgeway - at age 22 - was adopted in Michigan by her second cousins. She filed a petition to end guardianship and visitation, arguing that Handshoe was no longer J.E.M.'s grandmother by virtue of the adoption. The trial court agreed.
The report says that the cased is a first for Indiana.

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