Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Probably not the best sort of language

Christopher Vebert, Sr. sued Atashia Lynn Wildey over an engagement ring. Vebert lost and then appealed his loss to the Indiana Court of Appeals. The following comes directly from the Indiana Court of Appeals' opinion (PDF format and not-for publication):

Wildey then filed, in the form of a letter, a motion for change of venue, which provided, in pertinent part:
[Vebert] is full of crap[;] he has never bought a ring[,] not a 25¢ one let alone a $250.00 ring . . . He is like a lying[,] th[ie]ving snake. I have also looked into this Trent Goodsen fellow and he doesn’t [exist]. [Vebert] signed his name to that so[-]called receipt as well as the [alleged] seller[’]s name.
Probably not the sort of language one expects to find in an appellate court opinion but I guess it accurately sets out Ms. Wildey's view of Mr. Vebert.

Getting engaged? Make sure you keep the receipt for the ring.

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