Saturday, July 7, 2007

Online Indiana Family Law Resources

I think I have mentioned some of the following as web pages that everyone who is involved with an Indiana family law case ought to have bookmarked. Some are in my links to the right of this post. Still, I see the kind of searches bringing people to this blog and I realize that I might not have made things as easy as possible.

  1. Online Child Support Calculator.
  2. Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines
  3. Indiana Child Support Guidelines
  4. Indiana's Dissolution of Marriage Statutes
  5. Indiana's Paternity Statutes
  6. Indiana's custody and visitation Statutes
  7. Indiana's Child Support Statutes
  8. Indiana's Appellate Court Opinions.
  9. Indiana's Rule of Court
  10. Indiana Supreme Court forms
If you want to do your own legal work, then bookmark all 10. Otherwise, you need only bookmark 1 - 3.

About the forms: remember Indiana does not have forms for each and every conceivable thing to be filed with a court. Practicing law means having to take a statue's or rule's requirements and put them into a form. I hope this helps some of you understand what your lawyer does and I hope those bound to do things on your own understand now why they cannot find a form online.

Yes, lawyers have to keep track of all this information.

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