Saturday, August 25, 2007

Basic Indiana Divorce Law

The blog Indiana Family Law: Divorce, Paternity, Adoption, etc. has a three part series on Divorce 101. By the way, it is good to see this Indiana family law blog active again.

Divorce 101–Lesson One: Pre-divorce planning. Very similar to my post Resources for those thinking of divorce.

Divorce 101–Lesson Two: Getting it filed. I got to disagree with a point here about service. I never thought defining one as a good divorce lawyer required discussing the least offensive method of serving the other side. I cannot see how offensiveness enters into any discussion of service except at one point. Service requires effectiveness and effectiveness means getting the petition to the other party. I prefer personal service. The trial rules prefer personal service. Therefore, personal service is going to be the first choice.

Divorce 101–Class Three: The first 60 days. I would add a comment that if you have an attorney that you will need the income information mentioned in this post before going into the courthouse.

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