Saturday, August 25, 2007

Reading about: divorce related blogs

I find the first one a bit strange. Marriage Advice and Free Articles pretty much acts as collection of links to other sites dealing various kinds of divorces and divorce issues.

An English solicitor writes Judith's Divorce Blog. Now most people would say that an English solicitor would not have much to say about Indiana family law. She does not have anything to say about Indiana family law. It is fun to see some similarities in people and thus family law.

Until such time as Constance learns that mutual affection has nothing whatsoever to do with a stereotype created by a closed mind, I suspect that her love life will continue to keep me entertained.
Not a blog, but what appears to be an interesting resource for laypeople: Wikivorce.

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Judith said...

I have just been referred to your Blog entry Sam. I wondered why I had received a number of hits at the end of August from Indiana - now all is clear and I'll have to remember to repay the compliment soon. By the way from your entries, I reckon Indiana divorce law is as tricky as ours and in many respects very similar.