Friday, August 10, 2007

A great post on family law

I found this article Observations of a Divorce Lawyer on the Alabama Family Law Blog who found it on the Georgia Family Law Blog. I am reading it and thinking I have said that and this and so on and a few of my favorite ideas are expressed even better than I usually do. Here are three out of the nineteen observations:

3. What is the best advice to give to a non-custodial parent?
Be polite and kind to the custodial parent. They control access to your children. Regardless of your visitation, the custodial parent has tremendous control. You may be rude behind their back but never to their face. It's a game you need to learn to play well or you could lose something greater than your pride.

4. What is the best advice to give a custodial parent?
Let your ex have the children as much as they will take them. You need a break. They are the perfect babysitter. You know they will take care of them and if they are around the children alot, they will be more sensitive to their needs.

5. Does joint custody work?
It can. Some people are naturals at it; others need a little help. A child psychologist can help those who don't realize they have damaging behavior. Putting the child in the middle and parental alienation are classic problems in joint custody.

I think oftentimes that the problems I encounter are peculiarly local. Those problems are not necessarily the legal ones but the people problems. Ninety- nine percent of family law does present the complex legal issues found in other areas (tax law for example) but, instead, its problems are dealing with people. I suggest reading the remainder of the Observations.

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