Thursday, October 11, 2007

How not to save attorney fees

The Indianapolis Star carried the story, Custody conflict leads to forensic student's arrest in plot to kill , on September 25.

Burns, 34, 3800 block of Parliament Lane, was held without bond Monday in the Marion County Jail on a preliminary charge of conspiracy to commit murder that stems from her plot to kill Robert H. Mays, 33, according to police and jail records.

Burns paid $3,000 to the undercover officer to shoot her former husband, said Sgt. Matthew Mount, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesman. Mays was not hurt.

Burns and Mays were in a dispute about the custody of their toddler-age son, Robert, police said. The boy was in his father's custody."
That $3,000.00 would have gone a long way towards paying a lawyer for the custody case - even in Indianapolis. Now she is out the money and I would not give her much hope for winning the custody case. Think a bit, make calls and ask about fees before imitating Ms. Burns.

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