Thursday, October 11, 2007

Family Divorce: Healthy Divorce: a myth?

I found this post, Family Divorce: Healthy Divorce: a myth?, at the Family Divorce Blog. Generally speaking, I found the post interesting but other than the post being dated for November 27, 2007, I have a bit of a problem with the following paragraphs:

Tesler: Collaborative divorce is now available in nearly every state in the US, and in many foreign countries. For a referral to collaborative professionals in or near your area - attorneys, coaches, and financial advisors - contact the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.
Er, I can say that Madison, Tipton, Grant, Delaware, and Henry County have no such formal program. I know there was a seminar in Hamilton County on this subject years ago. What I found at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals site is one firm in Bloomington. I have said this before on this site and I will repeat it again: usually nothing is gained from an adversarial divorce. Lawyers know this. Clients need to learn it, too. Those exceptions to a confrontational approach prove the rule.

I also want to make clear that the numbers in the following paragraph do not reflect Indiana:
'In my part of the country, a traditional family divorce for a middle class client with a house and two children can run from $30,000 to well over $100,000,' says Tesler, author of 'That’s only for one partner.' Americans now spend well over $4 billion annually for the 1.1 million divorces reported by the National Center for Health Statistics. In the last few years, more than 80,000 people have chosen this process over litigation."
I believe in sensible litigation - the kind where my client's interests are protected without forcing them into bankruptcy. I suggest reading the article at Family Divorce. If you are looking for an attorney in Indiana, please give me a call.

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