Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paternity statutes

This past weekend I decided to start a series of posts on the Indiana's Family Law Code.

I start with the paternity statutes. Over the next few weeks I will be discussing the law on paternity cases.

Paternity applies to children-born-out-of-wedlock. Paternity cases differ from divorce cases in one large way and a few small ways. The smaller differences will be noted in specific posts but I will take a few of your minutes and discuss the large difference. Since the people never married, the paternity court has no say over the people's property. If the people were living together and acquired property, then look at my posts on cohabitation for what can be done about their property.

The paternity statutes govern the following issues:

  1. Who is the child's father.
  2. Who will have custody of the child.
  3. Parenting time with the child.
  4. Child support.
Also, if you are interested in the full range of articles on this subject, then click on the link below that says "paternity". Blogger can pull up articles by subject. Or you can go down the right hand side of your screen and see the full listing of subjects covered in this blog.

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