Friday, October 12, 2007

Widow loses bid to stop £100,000 payment to ex-wife - Times Online

This headline from The London Times Online caught my eye: Widow loses bid to stop £100,000 payment to ex-wife. The actual article contained this nugget about the facts:

A woman whose husband died a few hours after their wedding ceremony failed today to stop his former wife inheriting a large chunk of his estate. Three Court of Appeal judges ruled that Owen Soulsbury’s promise of £100,000 to his former wife, Elizabeth, must be honoured by his widow, Kathleen.
One thing that every couple needs to do following the divorce is to get the Will and insurance beneficiaries changed from the former spouse. If not done, the old spouse gets the insurance money and probably whatever was left to her in the old Will.

For those of you in Indiana needing a new Will, give me or your attorney a call.

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