Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kids and divorce - an observation

I received the following in an e-mail from a friend of mine and I wanted to share it. My parents divorced in 1964 and I learned a long time ago that gave me a persepctive on family life and my divorce cases different from those coming form intact families. I have done minimal editing on the following.

My parents stayed married their entire lives to each other. My one marriage thus far was to a man who had been married before/divorce with kids. We divorced, which opened a whole new world to me. Since then I have been more in tune with divorce issues especially involving children. A new story: My youngest age 9 had some friends out to the country place. The friends were having fun, jumping on the trampoline, enjoying the outdoors when all of the sudden the little 9 year old boy (Forrest) just stopped started crying and said in tears "I Miss my Mom". His mom lives in Arkansas (married 3x with 3 sets of kids), his Dad in Zionsville and recently moved from Oklahoma. Now, there were five kids ages 8,9,10 who had all experienced divorce and I believe this all started due to the fact that one girl was feeling dramatically sorry for herself and stated how would you feel if you wanted both your parents together, but you had to choose who you wanted to live with? When the little boy had his meltdown one of the kids (my daughter) rushed to his side, wrapped her arms around him and said "It is alright, Forest, it is alright". Talk about a divorce support group for kids!!! Then it was a little down :) time but it didn't last too long. I was so touched that all these feelings were being shared within their group of peers while they were having fun

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