Thursday, November 1, 2007

Divorce and children

Thanks to More Family Law Blogs for leading me to The New York Divorce Report.

Two posts really impressed me: How To Tell Your Children About Divorce and Ten Tips to Help Children Cope with Divorce. The first packs a good punch in a short post and the last one has so much that it needs to be read. I will quote the last paragraph from the second post:

It is important to remember, that the children are the “victims of divorce.” In most cases, they should be allowed, and, in fact, encouraged to maintain a relationship with both parents.
Indiana's law follows this concept - that unless the non-custodial parent may pose a physical or emotional danger to the child, the non-custodial parent shall have visitation with the child.

Do read the two posts listed above, they have good, practical advice.

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Rosalind Sedacca said...

Thanks for making those excellent articles available. It is so important for all parents to be alerted in advance about this issues when telling their kids about divorce. My own experience more than a decade ago led to my writing a guidebook for parents on how to create a storybook with family photos and history as a successful way to have this tough conversation. It's called How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook(TM) Guide to Preparing Your Children -- With Love! I have endorsements from therapists, attorneys, mediators, educators and other professionals from around the U.S. attesting to the value of my fill-in-the-blanks age-appropriate templates. Six therapists contribute their expertise to the book, as well. I hope divorcing couples will stop, talk and create a plan before having that crucial "divorce" talk with their children and hope, for the sake of their kids, they will decide to move ahead in creating a child-centered divorce. I have a free ezine and free articles plus other information available at
Best wishes,
Rosalind Sedacca, CCT