Friday, November 2, 2007

Indiana's deadbeat moms

Thanks to the Mississippi Family Law Blog for reminding me about this story. The wife saw the report on the news and told me about it. Here is just about all of the Mississippi post: Deadbeat Moms get equal billing:

"The news is filled with stories of deadbeat dads who fail to pay their child support and are on the run from the law. In a story this week out of Indiana, the focus is on mothers who fail to pay child support and are now running from the law. While Mississippi does not have any mothers in the top ten list of parents who owe child support, you can be assured some are on the payments owed list."
For those living in Muncie, and having the interest, you can see your local child support deadbeats. Go to the old courthouse, take the elevator to the third floor and after turning left out of the elevator walk about three-quarters of the hallway. You will see a section of the wall covered with pictures of the local deadbeats. Yes, some are women.

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