Sunday, November 11, 2007

Prenuptial Agreements and Mediation

I find this article from San Francisco Mediation interesting A Better Solution: Prenuptial Agreements & Mediation. The article describes the better solution this way:

"Prenuptial Agreement Mediation is extremely collaborative. It allows both parties to sit in the same room together with a mediator (who is experienced with divorces and prenuptial agreements) and talk about the law, your options, your expectations, problems that may arise with your expectations and discusses sensitive issues in a non-confrontational way."
San Francisco Mediation also published another article on this subject, More Reasons for Prenuptial Agreement Mediation.

I know of no mediators in Indiana who perform this service. Considering the little interest reaction I have received in Indiana on prenuptial agreements, I suspect if mediators could offer this service that few find any great profit in providing the service.

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