Sunday, November 4, 2007

Summary of Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines Part 2

I do not intend this article as a substitute for reading the Parenting Time Guidelines. Frankly, if you are online then you should have the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines bookmarked for easy access. I do. You will find a link to these Guidelines down the right hand side of the screen. So, if you do not have them bookmarked already, do it now!

Both parents shall have the responsibility to:
1. Promptly advise the other of any change in home and/or work telephone numbers and home and/or work addresses.

2. Encourage the child(ren) to love and respect the other parent. Each parent shall avoid any disparagement of the other parent within the presence of the child(ren) and shall also firmly discourage any such conduct by relatives or friends.

3. Notify the other parent of any travel plans with the child(ren) including provision of an itinerary and/or a telephone number and/or address where the child(ren) may be reached.

4. To share transportation of the children for exchanges between the parents.

5.To promptly provide the other parent with school, medical, and extracurricular information about the child(ren) and to promptly provide copies of school schedules, photos, newsletters, notices or other similar written materials.

6. To provide maximum notice, preferably forty-eight hours, of changes in work schedules or other circumstances that impact ability to exercise parenting time.

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