Friday, December 14, 2007

Divorce: The Limits of the Law

That captures my first reaction to Psychologist: Ritual Mourning at End of Divorce Aids Healing. See, lawyers are problems solvers but many of the problems of family law cannot be solved by lawyers or the law. Which is why I like pointing out solutions like this:

"A divorced psychologist determined that something important was missing from her legal divorce, making it feel incomplete and unfinished in her mind."

The formal, funeral-like ceremony she participated in was both life-altering and empowering for the psychologist. It transformed her and her perception of her former husband, and revealed to her his new role in her life.

Drawing upon her own roots and experience, the psychologist has generalized and expanded the concept of the divorce ritual and now adapts it to fit any couple’s religion, ethnicity and personal experiences.


The psychologist feels it is a critical step to divorced people finding peace and moving on with their own lives without animosity toward their former spouse.

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