Sunday, December 16, 2007

DivorceSolictor Asks If Divorce Will Make You Happier

Good question, but Will getting divorced make me happier? has even better questions to ask:

When a divorce is the right decision:

1. If you are scared of your partner.
2. If your partner is scared of you.
3. If you loath your partner and his/her breathing or laugh or mannerisms makes you want to scream or hit him/her.
4. If you would rather perform some unpleasant duty than go home to your partner and this happens a lot.
5. If you are in love with someone else.
6. If your partner is in love with someone else.
7. If you have fantasies of your partner dying.
8. If you have fantasies of dying yourself and it has got nothing to do with work related stress or any other issue but simply a wish to escape your partner (this is extremely serious by the way and you should seek help from your doctor immediately).

If any of the above apply to you then divorcing will make you less unhappy - however being happy depends on the rest of your life and takes work.
Go to the article and check out the next section: When a divorce may be the right decision.

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