Monday, December 10, 2007

Enforcing a foreign judgment in Indiana

What could Indiana Commercial Foreclosure LawBlog have that would be of interest to family law cases? Think about this scenario: divorced outside of Indiana and there is a money judgment in that Divorce Decree owed by someone in Indiana. Interested now?

Take a look at 6 Steps To Enforce A Non-Indiana Judgment In Indiana:

"If you hold a judgment entered in a state other than Indiana, and if you believe the judgment debtor has assets in Indiana that could satisfy the judgment, then keep reading. The hoops through which you must jump to reach those assets are outlined in Indiana Code § 34-54-11 “Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.”"
Here is a link to IC 34-54-11.

Not something that is done often, I recall doing this once in the past twenty years, but a useful tool. Considering how many have emigrated from here to elsewhere, it might be worth checking out the former spouse's new state for a similar law.

Remember there are other remedies for child support. Money judgment differ from child support orders.

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