Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prenuptial Agreements- Online Vendors

Google Alerts brought me a link to Online Pre-nuptial Agreement Services. I call this article interesting the same way I call interesting whatever was left in that plastic container lying the back of the refrigerator's bottom shelf.

I know that I need to recognize people will use this kind of service. They will think that they can save money because they think these documents are a commodity. My entire profession needs to think about these kind of services because of the way potential clients think of us and these kind of services.

I think of these vendors as dangerously overstating their usefulness. I know of problems with similar estate planning software resulted in severely expensive litigation. I expect the same thing to happen with this sort of vendor/software. Prenuptial agreements drafted by lawyers succumb to error and/or litigation, but has this vendor contracted away all liability? Probably. That is something a lawyer cannot do - we are stuck with our negligence.

Does this sort of software/vendor have no good use? Yes, it does. I assume this software will, like software for making Wills, have these good uses:

  1. To get you and your significant other thinking about your assets and debts.
  2. It gives you an outline for a lawyer to work from.
Since all the blog posts and news articles fail to inspire people to get a pre-nuptial agreement, I do not see #1 as a Bad Thing at all. The second good use means a saving of attorney fees.

If one agrees that increasing attorney fees through litigating a prenuptial agreement is a good thing then that becomes number three in the list above.

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