Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Postnuptial Agreements - New York Times

The New York Times published a short article on post-nuptial agreements, Postnuptial Agreements.

"One reason couples use postnups, according to Stuart S. Greenfeig, a Maryland attorney who specializes in them, is to try to shore up rocky marriages. “They generally arise when there’s concern about the stability of the marriage — for example, when one spouse has committed adultery,” he says. Some clients wanting a divorce may end up reconciled through a postnup that guarantees more assets to the aggrieved spouse. Postnups also arise from simple economics: when a couple goes through a major financial change — the wife gets a major promotion and a significant income increase, for example — they may want to renegotiate their original terms. (Many postnup couples already have prenups.)"
Why the increase? For a reason I previously mentioned here.
But why so many of these agreements now? One factor is that hedge funds and other high-value equity partnerships increasingly urge new partners to get postnups. It’s a phenomenon of the new gilded age: postnups assure such firms that a divorcing partner won’t be giving away part-ownership.

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