Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Child Support - Some thoughts on the Guidelines

Mallor Clendening Grodner & Bohrer LLP has an article, The Indiana Child Support Guidelines, that does a good job explaining the general purposes and operation of the child support guidelines.

Too often the immediate facts of a case obscures the broader policy behind the guidelines. Yes, the child support guideline pinch hard in individual cases but the purpose of is to keep the children at the same economic level they would have been at if the relationship had stayed intact. Think on how much each parent contributes to the child while the relationship is/was intact.

One thing unmentioned in the article I cite above is the difference that once existed between paternity cases and divorce cases. I recall Madison County had an apparent child support order of $25.00 for paternity cases whereas divorce cases would start at about $75.00. (Which also explains why the federal government got interested in the traditionally state issue of child support.)

For more reading here on child support issues, just click on the link next to "Labels"below. Also, you will find links to Indiana's online child support calculator and the Child Support Guidelines on the right hand of your screen and down.


Anonymous said...

After the child turns 21 years of age, are there no othr child support obligations other than educational expenses? I ahve always had custody of my daughter and she will be 21 in November and her father and I split college expenses 50/50 and also split the cost of her apartment. I pay 40% and he pays 60% (he has a much higher income than I do). My ex husband also pays me $117.00 per month as I am the primary residence. AFter Nov. is he still obligated to pay me because my daugther is only a sophomore in college?

Sam Hasler said...

I have tried to make it very clear that I cannot use this blog to answer specific questions - that I cannot give legal advice for specific persons and cases. This comment raises this problem again.

The answer about support ending at 21 I have put in a post: ndiana Child in College and Educational Expenses- what is a parent to do?