Monday, January 14, 2008

What Is Wrong With the Internet

Take a look at this question and answer about terminating parental rights: How can a father give up his parental rights?.

Notice the question does not tell you what state. The answer does not give a state.

For Indiana, this answer is nothing but completely wrong.

How did I come across this? I saw this query, "can you terminate parental rights in indiana?", while checking traffic to this blog. I saw that they stayed 0 seconds. That got me curious if there was a better answer out there than what I have here. I did not expect to see something so wrong. I have no idea why the person searching for this information did not stay longer. Too bad for them if they relied on WikiAnswers.

Doing your own legal research is tough. The Internet is only a place to start your research. Even then you must always remember that family law differs from state to state. That is why I never provide answers to legal research on this blog. It is why I always try to link back to cases or statutes. My opinion is just my opinion. For information on how to use Google, read this article here. You will make your life a little bit better picking up some skills on using Internet search.

I suggest that if you are looking for a specific answer to a specific question that you just pick up the telephone and call a lawyer. Sorry to sound harsh but truth is that finding a specific answer is going to take a lot longer online. If you want to ignore my advice about calling a lawyer, do not ignore this: double check your sources. Make sure they know what they are talking about.

And if you are reading this or another blog, remember this is not a static webpage. I am adding at least a page a day. Others write more, others write less, but unless orphaned by their creator they all grow. Use the onsite search box (it is up at the top of the page for Blogger blogs). Look for the topical/subject archives. I see very few people using mine and I regret this - I keep thinking you folks missed the information you want/need. Stop looking for a specific answer to a question and start educating yourself. I see this blog as a part of that process. Or that is supposed to be part of the education process.

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