Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Divorce Law Blog

I recently discovered The Oregon Divorce Blog. I ought not call this blog new - its archives show it has been around since April of 2007. I am a bit chagrined as I thought I had seen most of the divorce and family law blogs. This goes to show that more are out there and we need to keep our eyes open.

While concentrating on Oregon law, this blog has some lists that I think have a more general application. I already wrote about one.

I find Divorce Tech: Online parenting class interesting for several reasons:

  1. I cannot remember how long ago it was since I had a divorce where one party was outside of Indiana. Right now I have several post-divorce cases where one party resides out of state, and I think this has to say a lot about Indiana.
  2. I do not think we have anything comparable to the program mentioned in the article. My last divorce where the parent lived out of state came out of Delaware County which does not have a mandatory counseling program but I think we could probably get the requirement waived in counties having a mandatory requirement. Which does defeat the purpose for the requirement.
  3. I guess my internal computer geek comes out with these kind of stories.

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